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The Nicolette Story

I was 38 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I was just living my life like everyone else – then BAM! - my whole world was turned upside down.

Without pausing for breath, chemotherapy and hair loss overwhelmed me. A mastectomy and 5 weeks of radiotherapy followed 6 months of chemo, and though I was given a deluge of meds to contra the physical repercussions, there was little to help with the emotional side effects. 

After the burns had healed, I went excitedly to my local lingerie store to be fitted for a prosthetic and get a new bra, but was disappointed with the available range. I didn’t know that ‘returning to normal’ meant choosing from a limited range of beige bras like the ones my Grandma wore.

An intrinsic part of the healing process after breast surgery is the ability to feel good about yourself and reclaim your femininity. Yet it was clear that mastectomy bra manufacturers thought I had no love life, personality or desire to feel womanly. How could they be so wrong? As a lover of fine bras in my pre-cancer life, I found this hard to accept.

I knew that my work as a Medical Receptionist and Fashion Sales Assistant wouldn’t be right for me anymore, and that I wanted my experience to help other women. I wanted to change the world - or at least, the post-surgery lingerie world!  

I made it my mission to create a line of youthful, pretty, feminine mastectomy bras: colourful, comfortable and a pleasure to put on first thing in the morning.

So I combined my medical background and 20 years of retail knowledge with my own breast cancer experience to produce what women really want: bras that help them with their self-image and give them confidence they need after breast surgery.

I feel strongly that pretty mastectomy bras are not a luxury but a necessity. All I want is for every woman who has breast surgery to know that change can be beautiful.

I hope a Nicolette bra puts a sparkle in your day.

Nic xx

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